How to Find the Perfect Pace for Your Story

Have you ever noticed when you’re doing or reading something you love, time seems to fly by? And before you know it, it’s over, and you’re left wishing it had lasted longer? The opposite could be said for the things you hate. Time seems to drag, and you wish it would just end already. The speed of your prose can have the same effect.

Keep Your Dialogue Interesting Without Overwhelming the Reader

When there are multiple characters in a scene, it can be difficult to keep track of who’s doing the talking. It’s so much easier when we’re writing dialogue for only two people. All we have to do is let them take turns and, in longer sections of dialogue, occasionally insert a speech tag or bit of action to keep it clear who’s talking. But once we start adding more characters in, it soon becomes confusing without dialogue tags to keep readers from getting lost. This may work as a quick fix but isn’t always the best solution.