Terms and Conditions

Booking My Services

When you book my services, I will expect you to tell me the date your work will be available. If I am booked for that period, I will then let you know of my next available opening, and we will agree upon a start date.

If you cannot send me your work on the agreed date, I reserve the right to refuse the project, even if we previously confirmed it. I will only do this if the delay impedes upon another’s project.

If for some reason I must cancel, we can discuss rescheduling if you still wish to retain my services.

Please do not send me work without having booked in advance or having told me about any delays. I do not always have the time to fit in a job that arrives when I am not expecting it.

The same applies if your document is longer than originally agreed—I reserve the right to turn down the work or adjust the deadline.


When scheduling a piece of work, I will consider my current workload and give an expected finish date. You are recommended to book my time in advance so I can arrange my schedule to provide the project suitable attention.

If your work is urgent, I will endeavor to meet a tight deadline, but this may be subject to a rush charge.

Corruption and viruses

I reserve the right to scan documents you send me for corruption. If I find any present, I will inform you, and either we will agree you accept the formatting may not remain stable, or I will cancel the job and return it to you with no work.

If I worked on part of it before the corruption became an issue, I reserve the right to charge for the word count worked on, at my discretion.

I check everything sent to me for viruses. If you send me a document containing a virus, I will alert you as soon as I am able, and I reserve the right not to work on that document, whatever pricing and service offer we have agreed.


If I find you have extensively and/or deliberately plagiarized in your work, I will refuse to work any further and charge for any work I have already undertaken on your document.

Note: If I worked on your document before finding the plagiarism, you will be liable to pay me for any work I have completed, however much or little that is.

Professional Relationship

I take my relationships with my clients seriously. I always make it a priority to be available to you throughout the editing process should you have any questions.

I also hold your privacy and the rights to your creative work in high regard. I will never share your work with outside parties. You always retain all rights to your work.

I enjoy building long-lasting relationships with my clients, as it allows me to understand your unique style and process, and allows me to provide you with individualized and constructive service.

Invoicing and Payment

Once we agree on a price and schedule for your project, I will email you an invoice for 50% of the full price of the project, which is due before work begins.

An invoice for the final 50% payment will be sent during the editing process and is due before your edits are returned. I currently only accept PayPal.

Smaller projects, such as partial edits or short stories, will be billed in full before the work begins.


I will provide a refund under certain circumstances. Once I begin work, the deposit is forfeited, and no refund will be provided if you decide to cancel. However, if I have not yet started work, I will give a full refund.

Quality of work

It is important to note there is no guarantee your manuscript will be returned 100% error-free after an edit.

While I do my best to catch as many errors as I possibly can, I strongly encourage all authors who receive an edit to undergo a final proofread.

Under no circumstances will I be held accountable for errors of veracity, accuracy, or originality in a manuscript I have worked on.

Accepting these terms and conditions

During negotiations, I will draw your attention to these terms and conditions. By sending me your work, you are accepting these terms and conditions. It is therefore in your interest to read these carefully and advise me of any issues up-front.