How to Apply Criticism Toward Improving Your Writing

It’s difficult to accept criticism from others. It can be even more complicated when no one has the same opinion. One person might say your characters are unrelatable, while another says the fault lies with telling what we should show. It’s enough to make you pull your hair out. Sometimes others’ opinions allow you to … Continue reading How to Apply Criticism Toward Improving Your Writing

The Benefits of Reading Aloud During the Editing Process

By this point, we’ve put so much work into our stories, we believe there couldn’t be anything left to handle. The plot’s cohesive, the stakes are high, our characters are compelling, we’ve kept the reader interested to the end… Everything is as it should be. Then we edit. Only to find our story doesn’t read as it should, things can be worded better, overused words and phrases that need to be cut or substitutions found…

See Your Scenes Through the Eyes of the Reader

As writers, we often get so caught up in making sure we have all the proper elements in place we forget who our stories are meant for—the reader. Most readers know nothing of the work that goes into building a story from the ground up. They’re merely looking for a great story. One that draws on their heartstrings, allows them to step outside their dreary lives, and has them dying to know what happens next. These are the elements we need to capture in our stories.